Gourmet Secrets’ Celiac Friendly Selections!


At Gourmet Secrets, we want everyone to be able to enjoy the highest-quality and finest food at great value. Burgers, hot dogs, liver pâté, all of these are great foods in and of themselves, or ingredients for your next homemade recipe, but to the chagrin of some, wheat is normally found as a binding agent in all of these products. While using wheat helps keep the shape of the food together as it cooks, it makes these foods unpalatable for those with allergies or intolerances to gluten.

When you order from Gourmet Secrets, you don’t have to choose between your food or your allergy: they provide a wide selection of gluten free products that you and your family will love!

Order some Sweet Italian Sausages for that great Italian flavor, or Hot Italian Sausages for that extra kick for your tastebuds. The Original Smokies are fully cooked and ready to eat right out of the fridge with some honey or Dijon mustard! If you’re raring for something different than bacon or ham in the morning, our Breakfast Sausages will charm you with their morning aroma as you fry them up with eggs and toast!

Are you a fan of hot dogs? Don’t settle for the grocery store brand: Gourmet Secrets’ European Wieners are made with 100% free-range pork meat and great for steaming up when you’re watching the ball game or going out for a picnic! And if those still aren’t big enough for you, they offer 16oz Farmer’s Sausages full of pork and spice flavor which will be the delight of your next recipe, whether in pastas, besides chicken or in an omelette!

Visit Gourmet Secrets’ online store today and check out their gluten-free selections: you’ll be amazed by the taste and quality! Don’t wait- order today!


Celiac-Friendly Breakfast Sausages

Delicious fried sausage links- serve these for breakfast with your eggs and toast! Only available at Gourmet Secrets' online food store!

Good morning Gourmet Secrets! A plateful of eggs, some hash browns, a tall glass of orange juice and buttered toast, now that sounds like the breakfast of champions. But there seems to be something missing… Gourmet Secrets’ celiac-friendly breakfast sausages! Toss a few of these links in the frying pan until they are golden-fried and serve beside eggs, potatoes and toast for a complete breakfast!

These breakfast sausages are made of 100% free-range Alberta pork, seasoned with aromatic spices and salt that create the delicious aroma that wafts in the air in the morning. The best part- these sausages are free of gluten as a binding agent, and thus are safe for celiacs and those with wheat intolerance to eat! Great for breakfast, as per their name, they can also be used as ground meat for tacos and nachos by cutting open their casing and frying up the ground pork with tons of sautéed peppers, onions and taco spices. Sprinkle this tex-mex mixture on top of tortilla chips and cover with shredded mozzarella for the best nachos this side of Canada! You can even take out the meat from the sausages and make delicious pork patties that will be a hit in your next big barbecue!

Make your morning, afternoons and evenings more exciting with Gourmet Secrets’ celiac-friendly breakfast sausages, only at http://www.gourmetsecrets.ca!

GSI Deluxe Bacon

Thick strips of bacon on a plate... what's better than that divine smell in the morning?

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day. In our busy lives, we rarely have time for a decent breakfast anymore, but once you wake up to the wonderful smell of Gourmet Secrets’ deluxe bacon throughout the house, you’ll never want to skip it again! Our bacon from 100% free range pork is deluxe trim, double maple and big on taste, always a treat to have around whether it’s for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Bacon is usually made from pork belly cured in brine or dry salt for many hours, then smoked and sliced into thick strips that produce the streaky bacon we know and love. Bacon is often enjoyed beside eggs, potatoes and toast and is very popular as a sandwich meat, being a key ingredient in the preparation of a BLT. If you prefer something greener and healthier, cook up your bacon until crispy, chop it up into small chunks or bits, and use it as a garnish for your salad! Often very popular in dressings and sauces when rendered into tiny bits, you can make your own bacon ranch dressing by simply combining mayonnaise, white vinegar, parsley and bacon bits! Bacon also features as a garnish for many of our products, whether it is wrapped around our filet mignon, chicken breasts or scallops, or stuffed into our premade baked potatoes. Why not try Gourmet Secrets’ deluxe bacon in your own dishes?

If you love bacon, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Get some of Gourmet Secrets’ Deluxe Bacon Strips today at http://www.gourmetsecrets.ca!

GSI Baby Back Ribs

baby back ribs

Tender, juicy, smoky, fall-off-the-bone… that’s what the perfect rack of barbecued baby back ribs is all about. Gourmet Secrets gives you the best, free range pork with no hormones or inorganic feed additives, so all you get is great pork flavor and baby back ribs that are succulent and juicy!

Why are pork ribs so popular? Well, bone-in meat like ribs have a distinctly different taste than boneless meat due to the bone’s own juices cooking with the meat. The bone also brings heat to the center of the meat, making it cook more evenly. Baby back ribs, so named because they come from market-size hogs that are smaller than fully-grown hogs, are some of the most popular cuts of pork in North America, especially in the South where they are smoked, barbecued, grilled and braised to perfection with a good basting of homemade barbecue sauce. A full rack usually contains 10 to 13 back ribs, but will always have a minimum of 8. Gourmet Secrets’ Baby Back Ribs are split into half racks for perfect portion controlling, and once you cook them, you’ll be blown away by how tender they become.

When you order GSI Baby Back Ribs, you are getting the best barbecue experience you can buy in Canada. Fire up that grill and serve yourself some baby back ribs this summer: go to http://www.gourmetsecrets.ca today and get your order just in time for Canada Day!

Gourmet Secrets Premium Packaging Strategy

All Gourmet Secrets orders must undertake a trip from the plant to your doorstep, no easy task over long distances and especially involving frozen foods. Whether you live in Edmonton, Montréal, Halifax or Iqaluit, we work hard to ensure that the contents of your package remain frozen until it reaches your doorstep. How do we do this?

Enter the GSI Premium Packaging Strategy. This three-pronged strategy is the most effective way to ship out orders of frozen food.

The first step is the flash-freezing process all our food goes through. Patented by American inventor Clarence Birdseye, the modern flash-freezing process involves freezing water at temperatures well below zero degrees Celsius nearly instantaneously, preventing large ice crystals from forming. A higher-quality freezing process, flash freezing locks in all the juices of the meat, prevents damage to the texture and ensures that the product remains frozen longer.

The second step is the packing of the order in a styrofoam container. Styrofoam is an excellent isolating agent, preventing heat from entering the package and affecting the contents within. Simply placing frozen items in a styrofoam package can keep it preserved for a much longer time in a room at ambient temperature than if it were left on the counter- but we go one step further.

By adding dry ice to our packages, we fulfill the third step of our packaging strategy. Dry ice is the solid form of normally-gaseous carbon dioxide, and can only remain a solid at temperatures of -78.5 degrees Celsius or lower. A thick layer of dry ice on top of your food ensures that the contents of your order remain rock-solid frozen, by keeping the internal temperature of the order at nearly -80 degrees or lower! Plus, when dry ice goes above its freezing point, it does not melt, but rather sublimates: becomes a gas! This prevents waterlogging of your order, which would otherwise speed up the thawing process.

With a combination of the best quality freezing methods, keeping the internal environment of the order at extremely low temperatures and using a box that keeps heat out, we make sure that everything stays frozen until it reaches your doorstep. Shop for the best quality food in confidence with Gourmet Secrets today!

Wild Mahi Mahi Portions

Mahi mahi from Hawaii, deliciously grilled and served with salad... what's not to like?Firm, flavorful and delicious, mahi mahi practically embodies the term “ocean treasure”. Hailing from the seas around Hawaii, this fish is highly prized as a gourmet ingredient, whether grilled on the barbecue, battered and baked, or chopped up to make delicious fish tacos.

Its scientific name is Coryphaena hippurus: a beautiful-sounding name for a beautiful fish. Reaching a weight of 7 to 13 kilos on average, these oddly-shaped fish shine with amazing ocean colors, from blue at the dorsal fin to tropical green at the belly and a strip of gold on their side, earning them the Spanish name “dorado”, or golden. At first, mahi mahi was bycatch- that is, while fishing for tuna and swordfish, mahi mahi would be incidentally caught and then sold as an afterthought. Over the years, a commercial fishery for it has developed on the fish’s own merits- its firm flesh and incredible flavor make it an ocean delight that Gourmet Secrets is proud to offer to families across Canada!

Like all Gourmet Secrets fish and seafood products, our 5 oz Mahi Mahi Portions are Safe Quality Food Level 2 certified, which means they adhere to the highest food safety standards in Canada. Flash-frozen right on the boat to lock in the juices and flavor, when you grill these on the barbecue or toss them with Hawaiian-style dressing for delicious fish tacos, you’ll go wild with Gourmet Secrets’ Wild Mahi Mahi Portions!

Gourmet Secrets’ Delectable Cheesecakes

A choice collection of creamy cheesecake cuts, all available through Gourmet Secrets' online shopping experience!

A choice collection of creamy cheesecake cuts (for the children!)

With Gourmet Secrets, you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert! Our premium cheesecake selection is so easy to serve to your family or guests: already sliced, already cooked, just thaw out and serve! It’s that easy.

Cheesecake differs from regular cakes in that it is made with a sweet cheese base, like cream cheese, rather than cake batter. One of the most popular styles of cheesecake, the New York style, is made with heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs and yolk to produce a smooth, rich batter than is poured atop crumbled cookies or graham crackers and baked to make the final product. This is the style that Gourmet Secrets provides, flavored with strawberries, chocolate, blueberries or simply left as is for the memorable New York cheesecake experience.

Did you know Gourmet Secrets also offers sugar-free cheesecake selections? Perfect for people who are watching their sugar intake, and still bursting with delicious flavors! So don’t wait- treat yourself and your family right with Gourmet Secrets’ delectable cheesecake selections today!