Gourmet Secrets Premium Packaging Strategy

All Gourmet Secrets orders must undertake a trip from the plant to your doorstep, no easy task over long distances and especially involving frozen foods. Whether you live in Edmonton, Montréal, Halifax or Iqaluit, we work hard to ensure that the contents of your package remain frozen until it reaches your doorstep. How do we do this?

Enter the GSI Premium Packaging Strategy. This three-pronged strategy is the most effective way to ship out orders of frozen food.

The first step is the flash-freezing process all our food goes through. Patented by American inventor Clarence Birdseye, the modern flash-freezing process involves freezing water at temperatures well below zero degrees Celsius nearly instantaneously, preventing large ice crystals from forming. A higher-quality freezing process, flash freezing locks in all the juices of the meat, prevents damage to the texture and ensures that the product remains frozen longer.

The second step is the packing of the order in a styrofoam container. Styrofoam is an excellent isolating agent, preventing heat from entering the package and affecting the contents within. Simply placing frozen items in a styrofoam package can keep it preserved for a much longer time in a room at ambient temperature than if it were left on the counter- but we go one step further.

By adding dry ice to our packages, we fulfill the third step of our packaging strategy. Dry ice is the solid form of normally-gaseous carbon dioxide, and can only remain a solid at temperatures of -78.5 degrees Celsius or lower. A thick layer of dry ice on top of your food ensures that the contents of your order remain rock-solid frozen, by keeping the internal temperature of the order at nearly -80 degrees or lower! Plus, when dry ice goes above its freezing point, it does not melt, but rather sublimates: becomes a gas! This prevents waterlogging of your order, which would otherwise speed up the thawing process.

With a combination of the best quality freezing methods, keeping the internal environment of the order at extremely low temperatures and using a box that keeps heat out, we make sure that everything stays frozen until it reaches your doorstep. Shop for the best quality food in confidence with Gourmet Secrets today!


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