Based in Edmonton, Alberta, Gourmet Secrets is the largest online meat and seafood company in Canada. Serving over 22,000 customers all across the country, Gourmet Secrets is known for the high standards it holds for the quality of its products. From AAA Alberta beef aged 21-28 days, lean Alberta bison and free-range poultry and pork free of hormones and antibiotics, to wild-caught fish and seafood and a multitude of appetizers, specialties and exotic items, Gourmet Secrets has something for everyone who enjoys the very best in meats and seafood.

ImageSince 2011, Gourmet Secrets has operated exclusively online, ensuring that our customers can place an order at any time and in any place, with only a click of a mouse! Simply access our website at http://www.gourmetsecrets.ca, sign up to receive a client ID, log in and begin shopping right away- the whole process can be done within 15 minutes!

This blog is a place for Gourmet Secrets’ current and potential customers to learn about the products and the company from which they purchase their food. Information on the items we stock, recipes simple and elaborate, and a peek inside the workings of Gourmet Secrets itself: you’ll be able to find all of this on the blog through time!


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