Gourmet Secrets’ Delectable Cheesecakes

A choice collection of creamy cheesecake cuts, all available through Gourmet Secrets' online shopping experience!

A choice collection of creamy cheesecake cuts (for the children!)

With Gourmet Secrets, you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert! Our premium cheesecake selection is so easy to serve to your family or guests: already sliced, already cooked, just thaw out and serve! It’s that easy.

Cheesecake differs from regular cakes in that it is made with a sweet cheese base, like cream cheese, rather than cake batter. One of the most popular styles of cheesecake, the New York style, is made with heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs and yolk to produce a smooth, rich batter than is poured atop crumbled cookies or graham crackers and baked to make the final product. This is the style that Gourmet Secrets provides, flavored with strawberries, chocolate, blueberries or simply left as is for the memorable New York cheesecake experience.

Did you know Gourmet Secrets also offers sugar-free cheesecake selections? Perfect for people who are watching their sugar intake, and still bursting with delicious flavors! So don’t wait- treat yourself and your family right with Gourmet Secrets’ delectable cheesecake selections today!