Nova Scotia Lobster

A nice red lobster on its plate with lettuce and lemon garnish: perfect for your next meal! Call us at 1-877-254-0222 to get yours today!

What is more regal than a fully-cooked lobster served with melted butter and a variety of accoutrements on the table? Not very much! Gourmet Secrets is proud to bring you live lobster right at your doorstep for free in the Gourmet Secrets Live Lobster Festival, ready for the pot and then the table! But how much do you know about lobster, besides its delectable flavor and tender texture?

Nova Scotia lobster belongs to the species Homarus americanus, which makes its home in the warm waters of the Atlantic, from the Labrador in Canada all the way to Cape Hatteras in North Carolina, though it is uncommon south of New Jersey. With members of the species measuring up to 64 cm and weighing in at over 20 kilograms at times, it is the heaviest and one of the longest crustaceans in the world. Because it is a crustacean, it was once considered food for the poor; today, lobster is the example of fine dining, and highly sought after for its great taste and texture.

Contrary to what would be expected, lobsters are not naturally red: their shell contains a mixture of pigments which gives them a green and brown color. When it is cooked, almost all the pigments get degraded by the heat, except for the one which makes the shell red, thus making the lobster a rich red color once it is ready to eat. However, in the wild, lobsters can come in a variety of fantastic colors such as bright blue, stark yellow, and even albino white!

The traditional way of cooking lobster is with a live boil: simply drop the lobster into a pot of boiling water head first and boil it until its shell becomes completely bright red. Then pluck it out of the water and serve it on a plate with lobster crackers, clarified butter and some mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables to enjoy on the side!

Gourmet Secrets wants to bring you your very own live lobster for your dinner feast, so come on: call right now at 1-877-254-0222 and get your Lobster Festival Pack today!


Wild Mahi Mahi Portions

Mahi mahi from Hawaii, deliciously grilled and served with salad... what's not to like?Firm, flavorful and delicious, mahi mahi practically embodies the term “ocean treasure”. Hailing from the seas around Hawaii, this fish is highly prized as a gourmet ingredient, whether grilled on the barbecue, battered and baked, or chopped up to make delicious fish tacos.

Its scientific name is Coryphaena hippurus: a beautiful-sounding name for a beautiful fish. Reaching a weight of 7 to 13 kilos on average, these oddly-shaped fish shine with amazing ocean colors, from blue at the dorsal fin to tropical green at the belly and a strip of gold on their side, earning them the Spanish name “dorado”, or golden. At first, mahi mahi was bycatch- that is, while fishing for tuna and swordfish, mahi mahi would be incidentally caught and then sold as an afterthought. Over the years, a commercial fishery for it has developed on the fish’s own merits- its firm flesh and incredible flavor make it an ocean delight that Gourmet Secrets is proud to offer to families across Canada!

Like all Gourmet Secrets fish and seafood products, our 5 oz Mahi Mahi Portions are Safe Quality Food Level 2 certified, which means they adhere to the highest food safety standards in Canada. Flash-frozen right on the boat to lock in the juices and flavor, when you grill these on the barbecue or toss them with Hawaiian-style dressing for delicious fish tacos, you’ll go wild with Gourmet Secrets’ Wild Mahi Mahi Portions!

Bison Steak

You’ve likely been hearing about bison a lot recently- the healthy alternative to beef! In recent years, bison has been gaining popularity for its gamey flavor and its low fat content, ensuring that you can enjoy the best cuts even if you are watching your fat intake.

The American bison is the species most commonly farmed and eaten in North America. Its scientific name, Bison bison, shows how important it is to scientists as the species against which all other bison-like animals in the world are compared. Originally widespread across North America and used by the Native American population as a source of sustenance, these noble animals were brought to the brink of extinction by a combination of introduced diseases from cows and large-scale commercial hunting, both brought by the colonizing Europeans. Only recently have they surged back in population, though their range has been restricted to national parks and farms where bison are raised for food.

It is in this context that bison has received acclaim as a lean alternative to beef, as well as a top choice for gourmets everywhere. Bison has lower cholesterol and fat content than beef, and is higher in protein, making it particularly advantageous for people with high protein needs or who are building muscle. Its flavor is reminiscent of wild meats such as elk, but farm-raised bison tends to be beefier in flavor. Gourmet Secrets’ bison is treated the same way as our beef products: no antibiotics or hormones used, no inorganic additives in their feed, free range and oh so delicious!

Cooking Gourmet Secrets bison products requires a lower heat than beef in order to keep the meat juicy, because of its lower fat content. Whether you enjoy it in ribeye, burger or ground form, Gourmet Secrets bison is sure to please! Why not order some today?


Gourmet Secrets’ Delectable Cheesecakes

A choice collection of creamy cheesecake cuts, all available through Gourmet Secrets' online shopping experience!

A choice collection of creamy cheesecake cuts (for the children!)

With Gourmet Secrets, you can get breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert! Our premium cheesecake selection is so easy to serve to your family or guests: already sliced, already cooked, just thaw out and serve! It’s that easy.

Cheesecake differs from regular cakes in that it is made with a sweet cheese base, like cream cheese, rather than cake batter. One of the most popular styles of cheesecake, the New York style, is made with heavy cream, cream cheese, eggs and yolk to produce a smooth, rich batter than is poured atop crumbled cookies or graham crackers and baked to make the final product. This is the style that Gourmet Secrets provides, flavored with strawberries, chocolate, blueberries or simply left as is for the memorable New York cheesecake experience.

Did you know Gourmet Secrets also offers sugar-free cheesecake selections? Perfect for people who are watching their sugar intake, and still bursting with delicious flavors! So don’t wait- treat yourself and your family right with Gourmet Secrets’ delectable cheesecake selections today!

Gourmet Secrets Black Tiger Prawns

From Louisiana Jumbo Cooked to Colossal Black Tigers, try some shrimp out with your order today!

From Louisiana Jumbo Cooked to Colossal Black Tigers, try some shrimp out with your order today!

Shrimp- who doesn’t love them? Crisp, tender and oh so flavorful, they serve as a great appetizer when served cocktail-style, stir-fried in a Vietnamese recipe, or grilled on the barbecue with some salt, pepper and Old Bay!

In Canada and the United States, the words “shrimp” and “prawn” are often used interchangeably, and even marine biologists are not in agreement on what constitutes a shrimp or a prawn. The two most common species of shrimp that are traded worldwide are the whiteleg shrimp and the black tiger prawn. The black tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon, can grow to be one of the largest of all, and are renowned around the world for their exceptional taste and texture. Gourmet Secrets Black Tiger Prawns are farmed in a natural environment with flowing water circulation, no inorganic feed additives or hormones used, and no overcrowding: this results in a firmer, tastier shrimp that can grow to its full potential!

Louisiana Jumbo Cooked Shrimp are instantly recognizable with their bright red and white coloration. This indicates that they’ve already been cooked, so there’s no need for further preparation: just thaw and serve on ice with your favorite cocktail sauce and you’re ready to go! They can also be lightly sautéed in a skillet with butter and garlic and served atop rice and steamed veggies for a delicious seafood meal. They are affectionately called P&D, or peeled and de-veined: their shells have been removed and they are already prepared for you to eat!

Up next are our Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns. These are larger in size than our cooked shrimp, and their black-striped appearance indicates that they are raw: be sure to cook these before you serve them! Stir-fried with a teriyaki sauce and Asian veggies on top of Shanghai noodles, or battered and fried for a tasty popcorn shrimp appetizer, they make for a great treat for your friends and family!

Last, but certainly not least, we have our Colossal Black Tiger Prawns. These are 6/8 count, meaning that you only need 6 to 8 of them to equal one pound- that’s big enough to make your steak look like a side dish! These massive, flavorful shrimp are best prepared on the barbecue: baste them with garlic butter, top off with Old Bay and grill for 5 minutes on each side or until they are nice and red, ready to sink your teeth into! Some of our customers even split them along the back butterfly-style and stuff them with seasoned bread crumbs and cream cheese before tossing them on the grill, for a tasty twist on the traditional recipe!

What are you waiting for then? Try some of our delicious black tiger shrimp in your order today!

SQF and You: Making the Right Choices

Seafood comes from the ocean. And some kinds of seafood are only found in certain parts of the ocean. So far, this is pretty obvious: you won’t find Jumbo Black Tiger Prawns, Chilean Seabass and Digby Giant Scallops in the same place, right? But how do Canadians ensure that all of their seafood adheres to the same high standards of quality, if it is coming from so many different places in the world? The answer is SQF: Safe Quality Food, a global food safety standard that ensures all of your fish and seafood from Gourmet Secrets is of the highest quality!

Food safety? Check.Specifically, all Gourmet Secrets fish and seafood products are SQF Level 2 certified. What does that mean for you?

First, it is the most stringent standard for food safety in Canada. To be SQF Level 2 certified, all seafood and fish that are processed by our federal plant must fall within acceptable quality standards set out not only by the SQF scheme itself, but also the HACCP approach to dealing with risks and hazards. In our case, every item that contains seafood in some shape or form must have all its ingredients undergo the food safety protocol. Every incoming shipment of product to our federal plant is tested against the SQF Level 2 standards for criteria such as color, humidity, heavy metals and undesirable preservative and contaminant contents: if even one item in the shipment does not fall within these standards, it is sent back in its entirety. That’s how strict it is- and how important your health and the quality of your food is to us.

Second, it is globally recognized. The SQF Level 2 certification is recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative, an international non-profit organization of food safety experts and industry leaders that sets the standard for the best food safety practices in world food industry. Our seafood’s quality is backed up by the hundreds and thousands of people who have collaborated with one another to ensure that the SQF Level 2 standard is one of the very best worldwide.

Consequently, by purchasing your seafood from Gourmet Secrets, you are guaranteed to have the best quality product, free of contaminants and preservatives, good for your health and full of wholesome ocean flavor. Why wait any longer? Order your favorite fish and seafood selections today!

The Truth About Gourmet Secrets

Since 2011, Gourmet Secrets has operated exclusively online to bring to all Canadians the very best in gourmet meats and seafood. During that time, we have partnered with group deal websites such as Groupon, Dealfind, TeamBuy, Buytopia, Tuango, LivingSocial, MadDeal, DealGetters, SwarmJam and others in order to reach out to our customers and offer extra value for their purchases with us. The deals we featured on those websites and others were created in such a way as to be sustainable for Gourmet Secrets in the long run, to ensure that even with great value offered to our customers, we would be able to not only survive, but grow even more to serve them better. Because of this design, however, individuals with limited budgets or who wanted a different kind of offer with no strings attached found themselves disappointed or frustrated by our deals, and have in turn expressed this by calling us a scam.

In light of this, it is very important for us to be clear:

We are not a scam.

We value your patronage with Gourmet Secrets. We have built this company from long-term, trustworthy relationships with our customers, the highest-quality food the world has to offer, and convenient, easy service from the time of ordering to the time of delivery.  When you make an order, everything is inspected and placed in your container by hand, to ensure the quality of your food is at its best and your order is complete, and we have never offered a special or an order that purposefully includes less than what is advertised (Mistakes do happen though, and if your order is missing anything, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee will take care of you!). Like any special offered in almost any other store, there are conditions on our coupons which are put in place to ensure that we can sustain the deal and provide for every customer who orders with it. We attempt to make these conditions as clear as possible in our deal, though the final layout of the conditions is up to the company with which we are partnering at the time. We always recommend for prospective customers to give us a call if they have trouble with the way any of our deals work, and we can answer all their questions quickly and easily.

A scam involves dishonest business practices or promises made that do not add up to what you actually receive. We cannot promise to plan our deal in a way that doesn’t allow us to grow as a company, nor can we promise to give free food to people without paying for it.
We do promise to deliver the very best in gourmet foods to you in a courteous and convenient manner, at great value. We promise as well that if an item you receive is not up to your standards, we will take all possible measures to correct that and make you happy. We promise a deal that gives you extra value for your purchase, a deal that is good for you and good for us too. Again and again, our satisfied customers have expressed their delight in the food and service they have received from us, through Facebook, email and over the phone.

In the end, our campaign with group deals has been very successful, with over 50,000 vouchers sold nationwide and over $1,000,000 redeemed by our customers through their coupons since. This much saving on the best food available for Canadians nationwide- now that is something to be excited about!