What’s the deal with our coupons?

For the last two years, Gourmet Secrets has been partnering with TeamBuy, Groupon, Dealfind and other group deal websites to bring our special value coupons to customers. But what exactly are those coupons?

Gourmet Secrets’ primary focus centers around our high-quality gourmet products. We spare no expense to ensure that we provide only the best to our customers. The $50 special value coupons offered through our group deals are a way to create better value with an order through a discount that is good for you and good for Gourmet Secrets!

Our coupons provide great value to our customers in a way that is sustainable for Gourmet Secrets. We are not the first meat and seafood company to provide a deal with group buy websites, and in the past, other similar businesses had to close their doors because of a poorly-planned deal that was very good for customers, but unsustainable for said businesses in the long run.

Gourmet Secrets coupons are specifically designed to be used as an additional, interesting discount off an existing purchase, and cannot be used to get an order completely free, as this is not sustainable for us in the long run. In order to keep giving the very best in gourmet foods to our customers, our deals must allow us to survive and grow. However, we still want you to be able to enjoy Gourmet Secrets meat, seafood and specialties for $3.99 or less per serving!

Unlike most coupons offered by businesses, Gourmet Secrets coupons are usable with other promotions on our website! The most well-known example of this, of course, is our 8-item promo, where picking 8 items or more on our website will allow you to save over $110 on your order: adding in a coupon to this bumps up the savings to over $160! And right now, our Specials of the Day are eligible for combining with our discount coupons as well!

We want to make sure you get the best value for your dollar to enjoy gourmet foods with your family and friends: the Gourmet Secrets special value coupons help us make that happen for you!


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