Shipping your order

Part of Gourmet Secrets’ time-saving concept is the delivery of your order right to your doorstep: without needing to wait or sign for the package, you can go about your day in confidence that your order will find its way to your door on time!

Your GSI order, ready to be shipped!

Your GSI order, ready to be shipped!

After you make an order, the first step of the delivery process is the confirmation call! This process is important to ensure that the order goes to the correct address, as well as gives us the opportunity to answer any questions or write down any special instructions you might have for your order. Without a telephone confirmation of your address, your order cannot be shipped out, so plan a time within 48 hours after you make your order that we’ll be able to reach you in order to quickly confirm the order.Dry ice- keeps everything frozen in transit!

The second step is, of course, the delivery itself! On the day your order goes out, it is packaged in a styrofoam container with dry ice to ensure your food remains frozen at a temperature of less than -70 degrees Celsius! At the same time, a UPS shipping label is applied to your order, with a tracking number you will receive in your email so you can follow your package on its journey. Gourmet Secrets partners with UPS to ensure that your order is delivered in a timely manner, right to your doorstep, without your needing to sign it. This also allows us to ship everywhere in Canada, from Whitehorse to Halifax and anywhere in between!

Once your order arrives, the last step is to unpack it, place it in your freezer, and get ready to enjoy the best in gourmet steaks, chicken and other selections, right at home, for less than $3.99 a serving!


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