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GSI Baby Back Ribs

baby back ribs

Tender, juicy, smoky, fall-off-the-bone… that’s what the perfect rack of barbecued baby back ribs is all about. Gourmet Secrets gives you the best, free range pork with no hormones or inorganic feed additives, so all you get is great pork flavor and baby back ribs that are succulent and juicy!

Why are pork ribs so popular? Well, bone-in meat like ribs have a distinctly different taste than boneless meat due to the bone’s own juices cooking with the meat. The bone also brings heat to the center of the meat, making it cook more evenly. Baby back ribs, so named because they come from market-size hogs that are smaller than fully-grown hogs, are some of the most popular cuts of pork in North America, especially in the South where they are smoked, barbecued, grilled and braised to perfection with a good basting of homemade barbecue sauce. A full rack usually contains 10 to 13 back ribs, but will always have a minimum of 8. Gourmet Secrets’ Baby Back Ribs are split into half racks for perfect portion controlling, and once you cook them, you’ll be blown away by how tender they become.

When you order GSI Baby Back Ribs, you are getting the best barbecue experience you can buy in Canada. Fire up that grill and serve yourself some baby back ribs this summer: go to today and get your order just in time for Canada Day!

GSI Scampi Tails

The smallest member of the lobster family, already poached for you: just serve these delectable scampi tails and enjoy!

Gourmet Secrets has no shortage of delectable seafood selections for any occasion. From shrimp to scallops, from lobster to king crab, we’ve got enough ocean treasures to satisfy every taste. But what about scampi? These lesser-known seafood treats are some of the smallest members of the lobster family: while they are the size of shrimp, they have the flavor of lobster, and are Montréal’s favorite seafood!

Scampi tails come from the Norway lobster, Nephrops norvegicus, the most important commercial crustacean in Europe. They are slim and orange-colored, measuring up to 20 cm in length usually: exceptional individuals reach about 25 cm! They live in semi-permanent burrows under the sand where they make their home during the day, coming out at night to catch food. These burrows mean that only parts of the sea floor are suitable for their habitation, with large areas of inhospitable terrain separating over 30 populations in the North-Eastern Atlantic. This also makes Norway lobster populations easier to manage and fish, since individual adults rarely travel more than a few hundred meters.

Once the scampi are fished, their tails are cut to create GSI Scampi Tails, and are immediately flash-frozen afterward, in order to lock in the flavor and juices and ensure their freshness. Their delicate texture and sweet flavor make them a unique delicacy for your guests and family. As with all our seafood, Gourmet Secrets Scampi Tails follow the strict Safe Quality Food Level 2 safety standards, which ensure you get the very best, healthiest and wholesome seafood from us.

Whether you broil them in the oven with your favorite herbs and spices or poach them lightly in a white wine stock, scampi are sure to delight at your next occasion. Try something new with GSI Scampi Tails today!

Gourmet Secrets Premium Packaging Strategy

All Gourmet Secrets orders must undertake a trip from the plant to your doorstep, no easy task over long distances and especially involving frozen foods. Whether you live in Edmonton, Montréal, Halifax or Iqaluit, we work hard to ensure that the contents of your package remain frozen until it reaches your doorstep. How do we do this?

Enter the GSI Premium Packaging Strategy. This three-pronged strategy is the most effective way to ship out orders of frozen food.

The first step is the flash-freezing process all our food goes through. Patented by American inventor Clarence Birdseye, the modern flash-freezing process involves freezing water at temperatures well below zero degrees Celsius nearly instantaneously, preventing large ice crystals from forming. A higher-quality freezing process, flash freezing locks in all the juices of the meat, prevents damage to the texture and ensures that the product remains frozen longer.

The second step is the packing of the order in a styrofoam container. Styrofoam is an excellent isolating agent, preventing heat from entering the package and affecting the contents within. Simply placing frozen items in a styrofoam package can keep it preserved for a much longer time in a room at ambient temperature than if it were left on the counter- but we go one step further.

By adding dry ice to our packages, we fulfill the third step of our packaging strategy. Dry ice is the solid form of normally-gaseous carbon dioxide, and can only remain a solid at temperatures of -78.5 degrees Celsius or lower. A thick layer of dry ice on top of your food ensures that the contents of your order remain rock-solid frozen, by keeping the internal temperature of the order at nearly -80 degrees or lower! Plus, when dry ice goes above its freezing point, it does not melt, but rather sublimates: becomes a gas! This prevents waterlogging of your order, which would otherwise speed up the thawing process.

With a combination of the best quality freezing methods, keeping the internal environment of the order at extremely low temperatures and using a box that keeps heat out, we make sure that everything stays frozen until it reaches your doorstep. Shop for the best quality food in confidence with Gourmet Secrets today!

Mango Edamame Summer “Salsa”

Now THIS would go great with some of our Boneless Chicken Breasts, or some pan-seared Coho salmon!

Juliecat in the Kitchen

Here’s a quick and tasty salad for the summer!  I made this little “salsa” as a topping for grilled chicken one night and pan seared salmon another.  Top over a bed of rice or quinoa.  It’s so good and such a great summer dish!

Mango Edamame Summer “Salsa”

Mango Edamame Salsa

– Cherry Tomatoes: sliced in half

– 1 Mango: chopped

– 1/2 Cup Edamamde

– 1/2 Cup Cilantro: chopped

– 1/4 Cup Red Onion: finely chopped

– 1/2 Cup Asparagus: chopped

– Apple Cider Vinegar

–  Olive Oil

– Lime or Lemon

– Salt

1.  Mix all of the fruit and veggies together in a bowl.  Toss with equal parts vinegar and olive oil until coated.  Add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lime or lemon juice.  Add a dash of salt.


Mango Edamame Salsa2

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Gourmet Secrets’ Deluxe Chicken Fingers

Strips of chicken breast meat, with savory breading... these are our Deluxe Chicken Fingers! When Gourmet Secrets was on the road, we served Alberta communities the best in meats and seafood, and our most popular item was the Deluxe Chicken Fingers. Tender strips of white chicken meat, with a crispy mixture of breadcrumbs and seasonings, they are the perfect snack for kids and grown-ups alike!

Served atop a bed of fries with sweet plum sauce for dipping, chopped into chunks and tossed in a crisp Caesar salad, or tossed between two buns for a great crispy chicken sandwich: no matter how you enjoy them, our Deluxe Chicken Fingers are not only great in flavor, but also good for you! That’s because they are free of preservative agents: the flash-freezing process takes care of ensuring their freshness and quality! Once they’re home, no need to thaw anything out: just pop them in the oven right away and they’re ready in half an hour!

Over the years, families and kids across Alberta and Canada have enjoyed our chicken fingers. Try out the phenomenon at Gourmet Secrets’ online meat and seafood store today!

Sports Night with Gourmet Secrets

The NHL Finals are on now! Chicago and Boston are contending for the Stanley Cup, and families across Canada will be glued to their seats as they watch the players vie for the spot of best team in the league. And what’s better for game night than a platterful of appetizers and snacks to chow down on at the same time? Gourmet Secrets can make game night easy for you with our wide selection of heat-and-eat specialties, some tried-and-true, and others that are unique to GSI!

Take our Pizza Fingers, for example: egg rolls stuffed to the brim with pepperoni, cheese and pizza sauce, guaranteed to pop with pizza flavor with every bite! Try them alongside our gooey, cheesy Mozzarella Sticks: breaded sticks of mozzarella cheese, so great with marinara sauce! If you’re feeling for something meatier, our Dry Garlic Ribs will be sure to please: cubes of pork tenderloin, breaded and seasoned with garlic. As they bake, the great garlicky smell fills the room and gets your mouth watering! And finally, what is game night without a few pounds of chicken wings? Our Western Style and Louisiana Wings are great to heat in the oven: it takes minutes to cook  enough wings to satisfy a roomful of folks enjoying the game!

All of these great appetizer selections and more can be cooked right from frozen in the oven, so even if the game starts and you run out of snacks, it’s so easy to make more and not miss a moment! Let Gourmet Secrets help make your Hockey Night in Canada convenient- and delicious!