Sports Night with Gourmet Secrets

The NHL Finals are on now! Chicago and Boston are contending for the Stanley Cup, and families across Canada will be glued to their seats as they watch the players vie for the spot of best team in the league. And what’s better for game night than a platterful of appetizers and snacks to chow down on at the same time? Gourmet Secrets can make game night easy for you with our wide selection of heat-and-eat specialties, some tried-and-true, and others that are unique to GSI!

Take our Pizza Fingers, for example: egg rolls stuffed to the brim with pepperoni, cheese and pizza sauce, guaranteed to pop with pizza flavor with every bite! Try them alongside our gooey, cheesy Mozzarella Sticks: breaded sticks of mozzarella cheese, so great with marinara sauce! If you’re feeling for something meatier, our Dry Garlic Ribs will be sure to please: cubes of pork tenderloin, breaded and seasoned with garlic. As they bake, the great garlicky smell fills the room and gets your mouth watering! And finally, what is game night without a few pounds of chicken wings? Our Western Style and Louisiana Wings are great to heat in the oven: it takes minutes to cook  enough wings to satisfy a roomful of folks enjoying the game!

All of these great appetizer selections and more can be cooked right from frozen in the oven, so even if the game starts and you run out of snacks, it’s so easy to make more and not miss a moment! Let Gourmet Secrets help make your Hockey Night in Canada convenient- and delicious!


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