Bison Steak

You’ve likely been hearing about bison a lot recently- the healthy alternative to beef! In recent years, bison has been gaining popularity for its gamey flavor and its low fat content, ensuring that you can enjoy the best cuts even if you are watching your fat intake.

The American bison is the species most commonly farmed and eaten in North America. Its scientific name, Bison bison, shows how important it is to scientists as the species against which all other bison-like animals in the world are compared. Originally widespread across North America and used by the Native American population as a source of sustenance, these noble animals were brought to the brink of extinction by a combination of introduced diseases from cows and large-scale commercial hunting, both brought by the colonizing Europeans. Only recently have they surged back in population, though their range has been restricted to national parks and farms where bison are raised for food.

It is in this context that bison has received acclaim as a lean alternative to beef, as well as a top choice for gourmets everywhere. Bison has lower cholesterol and fat content than beef, and is higher in protein, making it particularly advantageous for people with high protein needs or who are building muscle. Its flavor is reminiscent of wild meats such as elk, but farm-raised bison tends to be beefier in flavor. Gourmet Secrets’ bison is treated the same way as our beef products: no antibiotics or hormones used, no inorganic additives in their feed, free range and oh so delicious!

Cooking Gourmet Secrets bison products requires a lower heat than beef in order to keep the meat juicy, because of its lower fat content. Whether you enjoy it in ribeye, burger or ground form, Gourmet Secrets bison is sure to please! Why not order some today?



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