Haddock Fillets

Tender, flaky wild haddock filets, courtesy of Gourmet Secrets!

Haddock: cousin of Atlantic cod and lesser-known treasure of Canada’s east coast. A white fish distributed throughout the North Atlantic, haddock, known by scientists as Melanogrammus aeglefinus, is popular throughout the world as a firm, mild food fish in the cod family of fishes. It usually lives in mid-depth, 40 to 133m, but can go as far down as 300m. Their mild taste is a reflection of their diet, which consists mainly of small invertebrates and very little other fish. The haddock fish is especially well-known for its visual traits: a dark line on either side of the body that stretches from head to tail and a dark mark just above its pectoral fin, often called “St Peter’s mark” because it is so distinctive.

Like all our wild fish, haddock loins are individually flash frozen to lock in that straight-out-of-the-ocean freshness until it is thawed and cooked for you and your family!

It is very similar in taste and texture to cod, and as such can be prepared in similar ways. The favorite, of course, is a thick beer batter coating, dropped in some hot oil, to make the perfect crispy, flaky haddock and chips. But whether you bake it with a creamy tomato sauce and cheese on top, chop it up with mayo, carrots and breadcrumbs for some savory fish cakes, or toss some in the frying pan topped with salt, pepper and Old Bay for a delectable fried haddock loin, you`ll love the amazing taste and texture of Gourmet Secrets haddock!


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