The Great 99¢ Special!

If you’ve been receiving emails from Gourmet Secrets lately, you may have seen something like this…

The Great 99¢ Sale by Gourmet Secrets!

Wait a second, 99 cents for Alaskan Halibut, Bacon-Wrapped Filet Mignon or a 1.1 kilogram French Roast from Gourmet Secrets? That’s crazy! But we’re making it happen just for you! This special is available to anyone who has the special $9.99 shipping coupon included in the picture above- which means you and your friends can take advantage of this special! The way it works is like this:

First, enter the coupon code on our online store, This will give you access to the Great 99¢ Special section, where you can select 4 of the 10 items available at 99 cents per serving!

Then, you will return to the regular website, where you can pick 6 items from anywhere on the web site and pay the lower price for all of them! “Hold on, I thought you had to pick 8 items to qualify for the lower price… what gives?” Well, when you take part in the Great 99¢ Special, you only have to pick 6!

Once you finish, you check out as usual, but notice: your shipping cost for an order like this is only $9.99! And in the end, when you take advantage of the Great 99¢ Special, you usually save more than if you used a $50 coupon! So what are you waiting for- punch in that special coupon code on our website and order today!


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