Boneless Chicken Breasts

Gourmet Secrets' Boneless Chicken Breasts, served beside potatoes and asparagus, a great way to enjoy free-range chicken!Juicy, plump and flavorful, our Boneless Chicken Breasts are an essential item in nearly all Gourmet Secrets orders. They can be grilled on the barbecue, butterflied or stuffed, poached or baked with cheese and tomato sauce: the possibilities are endless!

Chicken breasts are made up of white meat, which contain less fat than dark meat. The reason for the different color is because of the different properties of the muscle: chicken’s breast muscles, that power the wings, are only used for short bursts of flapping in order to escape predators, so they need less oxygen and thus less dark muscle. Birds that fly long distances, like ducks, actually have no white meat in their bodies, so while they are commonly termed more exotic, chicken is still one of the leaner choices for your health.

Our chicken is free-range, allowing them to wander around in an open-air pasture, and its feed is guaranteed to be free of inorganic additives and hormones, giving the meat that 100% wholesome juiciness and flavor that Gourmet Secrets chicken is renowned for. Our chicken breasts are inspected and cut by hand, then immediately flash frozen in order to lock in all their juices and flavor. Each breast is 5 ounces of white chicken meat, arriving to your home ready to be thawed, sliced and tossed into your favorite dish! Try cutting them into cubes, dunking them in a balsamic-olive oil marinade and making grilled kabobs with them and a variety of vegetables!


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